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Full trailer for Godzilla: Monster Planet anime (0)

Hits Japan in November, and Netflix soon after >>>

Godzilla Vs Kong Finds Its Director (0)

Or should that be referee? The giant monster shared universe that Warner Bros and Legendary are

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MCM Midlands was filled with stylish and spot-on cosplay creations… 

FEATURE: Sharing And (Mostly) Enjoying: The Rise Of The Cinematic Shared Universe (0)

Earlier this month, Hasbro announced it is working on a five-way shared universe between their various toy properties.

MyM magazine Issue 39 is out now! (0)

  Issue 39 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Expo Group, is out now! Featuring

Smash the Capital, Join the Country: Godzilla Gains Japanese Citizenship (0)

You may think that the last thing you’d want to do with a monster famed for