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Skins’ April Pearson calls out Toby Osmond over “black gunk” (0)

“Toby needs to shut up!” >>>

Shadowhunters’ Chai Hansen & GoT’s Roger Ashton-Griffiths bound for MCM Birmingham (0)

Werewolves and Westeros come to Brum >>>

The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games to close (0)

Staff laid off and future projects up in the air >>>

Authors of Action! Building A Better Fight Scene at MCM London (0)

The pen really is mightier than the sword >>>

John DiMaggio confirms he’s playing the king in Matt Groening’s Disenchantment (0)

“It’s as if the Simpsons fornicated with Game of Thrones” >>>

Ghost Stories REVIEW

Ghost Stories REVIEW (0)

Ghost Stories review If ever there was an argument for not meeting your heroes, it’s the