UK Anime Round-Up 5 – 11 November: Love, Lies & Digimon

UK Anime Round-Up 5 – 11 November: Love, Lies & Digimon

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MVM delivers a romantic drama with a twist this week in the shape of Love and Lies, Liden Films’ 12-episode series set in a near future Japan where the government assigns everyone a marriage partner when they turn 16. So just as high schooler Yukari confesses his love for long-time crush Misaki – and discovers that she fancies him too! – the official dating machine decides that he’d be better off with aloof blonde Ririna instead.

Cue love triangle shenanigans as Yukari and bride-to-be Ririna develop feelings for each other, even as they both work to get him together with first love Misaki. Maybe Big Brother has got it right after all? Directed by Seiki Takuno, who also helms currently-airing anime romcom Boarding School Juliet, Love and Lies is released on Blu-ray today.

This week also sees the DVD release of Digimon Frontier from Manga Entertainment. The fourth season of Toei Animation’s long-running fantasy franchise, Frontier is a departure from the regular Digimon formula, with justice-loving Takuya, kind-hearted Zoe, loner Koji and friends merging with ancient spirits known as Legendary Warriors to actually become Digimon themselves. A lighter, more fun-filled affair than predecessor Digimon Tamers, the 50-episode Frontier is directed by Yukio Kaizawa (Zatch Bell!, Angel Densetsu).

Digimon Frontier is also available alongside Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 1, Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 2 and Digimon Tamers in a chunky new 32-disc box set, Digimon Season 1-4 Collection – also released today by Manga UK.

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