Kingdom Hearts 3 gets new Tangled trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 gets new Tangled trailer

1 comment 📅05 November 2018, 20:39

Fresh from Italy, Square Enix has debuted the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, featuring the world of Disney’s 2010 fantasy adventure Tangled.

The short clip gives us a quick glimpse into the kingdom of Corona, where Sora, Donald and Goofy find themselves rubbing shoulders with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Of course, it’s not long before the whole place is overrun by Heartless and the gang must work together to wipe them out. The main trio even boards some kind of sparkly militarised dodgem at one point in the trailer as if they’re about to do that final round from Takeshi’s Castle, before blasting away at another bunch of Heartless.

In fact, the whole trailer is full of bright and exuberant attack animations, including giant towers spawning out of the ground, glistening carousels and some kind of oversized flower. Rapunzel herself gets in on the action by swinging around with her awfully long hair too. Madness.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled for release on January 25 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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  1. Henry Collins
    07 November 2018, 17:19 Henry Collins

    The trailer looks awesome. Looking forward to playing the new Kingdom Hearts next year.

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