New Veronica Mars series in the works at Hulu

New Veronica Mars series in the works at Hulu

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We already saw Veronica Mars return in the form of a feature film, but now, according to Deadline, Rob Thomas’ cult mystery drama is set for a comeback on Hulu as an eight-episode limited series.

It would appear that a deal has not yet been finalised (there is currently no word from Hulu), but talks are taking place with series creator Rob Thomas, who is definitely onboard (having tweeted out the news). According to Deadline, so is the show’s star Kristen Bell (so long as it doesn’t clash with her role on NBC’s The Good Place). It has also been reported that talks are taking place to bring back former cast members.

Veronica Mars ran for three seasons from 2004 to 2007 and had Bell play the title character, a student who solves cases alongside her private investigator father (Enrico Colantoni).

2014 saw the release of the Veronica Mars feature film from Warner Bros, with Veronica returning to Neptune, California for a high school reunion, only to help her former boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), after he is accused of murder. Proving that there was definitely an audience, the film was successfully funded via Kickstarter, reaching its $2 million goal within 11 hours and ending with backers donating a total of $5.7 million.

As for where the new season could go, after season three came to an end, Thomas did put together a promo for a potential season four, which he described as a ‘what if scenario’, where Veronica works for the FBI. There are also two Veronica Mars novels, which continued Veronica’s story after the events of the feature film. Back in 2014 during the release of the film, Thomas told Entertainment Weekly that the novels are canon in the world of Veronica Mars, saying, “If we got to do any more movies, either these books could be turned into movies, or that the events in these books are reflected in whatever future projects we do.”

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