K-Music Week In Review Part 1: NO:EL, CLOVD, Louie and more!

K-Music Week In Review Part 1: NO:EL, CLOVD, Louie and more!

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Our Weekly K-music Review posts are here to give you a helping hand and a quick look back to the notable releases from Korean artists in a weekly format. This article looks at releases and comebacks from 12-15 July 2018.

RD – Voice Of San Andromeda
Released: 12 July

Starting this week off on a mystical journey of tribal drum beats mixed with vocal edits and your typical chillout vibe, Voice Of San Andromeda is your Korean lo-fi chillout go to. There is a modern yet retro feeling with this song that features no lyrics, but carefully orchestrated vocals to create new and exciting sounds. The song reminds us of the 8-bit soundtrack to the old-school arcade game Out Run, bringing those summer beats for those open top cars.

Han Da Hee – Cotton Candy (FEAT. Kim Kang Jin)
Released: 13 July

We have seen a good share of cute girl groups releasing some extremely sweet soundtracks, but it is rare to find a female solo idol who can take on the cutesy theme and actually make it work. That’s where Han Da Hee has come through as a strong contender. The music video is extremely pink, filled with cute and fluffy items, and features a fresh-faced Da Hee who is making our toes curl with the cuteness she is radiating. Although she has done well to create something that not many others are attempting at the moment, there is still something that doesn’t really do it for us. We were waiting for her vocal range to change, or for more of her playfulness seen at the end of the video to come through.

Louie (Geeks) – Penalty
Released: 13 July

Bringing that extra swag style, with rose-tinted glasses and ultra-marine views, Louie is out to solidify his position as a Korean rapper not to be messed with. Throughout the song Louie keeps a continuous monotone vocal range, just changing up the beat or the rhythm, but closer to the end of the song he changes the progression of the song completely and it sounds like you’re listening to a whole new song. Certainly, one to listen to if you’re wanting those hip-hop vibes with the chillout tunes.

John OFA Rhee – Brightest Star (FEAT. Kim Minseok of MeloMance)
Released: 13 July

Mixing live guitars with beautiful vocals is a favourite to us on many levels, but hearing them from John OFA Rhee and Kim Minseok is certainly the kind of music we yearn for. Mixing lo-fi and jazz with soft whispering vocals that are obviously strong and powerful, Brightest Star is another one of those Korean coffee shop songs that will have you tapping your feet whilst relaxing to the seducing tones.

Alisha – Drunk Texting (FEAT. Jimmy Brown)
Released: 13 July

Straight from the underground scene, Alisha keeps things real with her new release Drunk Texting. The lyrics tell the story of a drunk girl texting her lover and taking things to a whole new level, then realising what she is doing but not caring. The contrast between Alisha and Jimmy Brown’s vocals create the perfect sound where the song is bordering R&B or hip-hop. Certainly a song not to be missed.

NO:EL – Parrot (FEAT. Giriboy, Han Yo Han)
Released: 14 July

As soon as we saw that NO:EL would be working with Giriboy and Han Yo Han, we already had an understanding that this release would be a vicious track, and could be one of the better collaborations of 2018. We weren’t wrong. Starting strong from the very beginning, the song is deep and dark with extremely powerful visuals that have relations to gang culture and the gun culture that runs American hip-hop. The mix of all the artists vocals and styles certainly give this song a unique flare, and we have to hand it to them. This is one truly memorable song.

CLOVD – Day & Night
Released: 15 July

Taking things back a step and showing what true Korean R&B is all about, CLOVD shares his hypnotising vocals with an electronic beat and smooth sensual sound clips. Mixing up his vocals from controlled to wild, he certainly pulls the listener into the lyrics. This is one of those songs you want to play in the background to set the mood, filled with emotions and backed with a great rhythm. It’s hard to find fault with this release.

As there have been a lot of releases this week, be sure to check back for the second instalment of  K-music week in review, which will look at releases from 16-18 July 2018.

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