K-Music Week In Review Part 1: Jessi, Jay Park, Holland and more

K-Music Week In Review Part 1: Jessi, Jay Park, Holland and more

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Our weekly K-music review posts are here to give you a helping hand and a quick look back to the notable releases from Korean artists in a weekly format. This article looks at releases and comebacks from July 5 – 8 2018.

Holland – I’m Not Afraid
Released: July 5

Making his comeback with his second release, Holland is showing his alliance with the Korean LGBT community with his latest track I’m Not Afraid. Known for hitting the charts as one of the first (though MRSHLL was possibly the actual first) openly gay K-pop star, Holland’s lyrics come from the heart and is fully inclusive of everyone. Although vocally we feel he has a distance to go, we can’t deny that what he is doing by breaking the stigma and taboo about being gay in such an open and public way is bringing different sexualities to the social norm within Korea. Especially with his music videos showing strong and powerful imagery of inclusive love, and with Pride season in full stride, we fully support Holland on his journey and look forward to future releases.

Jay Park – FSU (FEAT. GASHI, Rith The Kid)
Released: July 5

Going to a deeper and darker part of his lyrical skills, Jay Park is spitting rhymes that are retro but with a modern day beat. The dark undertones and rawness behind the words that are spoken really creates a whole new feeling that Jay doesn’t seem to be able to share with his Korean releases. The song is fully in English, and there is definitely a story being told. The video reminds us of those typical modern day American rap star music videos with flashy lights, flashy cars, and flashy girls. Jay has certainly grown, and seeing him have the freedom to do as he pleases is a great experience for us.

Jvcki Wai – Enchanted Propaganda
Released: July 6

Possibly the grimes of Korea, Jvcki has some great rapping skills, and with post-production on her vocals, there is a robotic EDM feel to the song. There is a nice flow and some great visuals throughout the music video which we feel shows a beauty within a war. Something that’s related to the lyrics as well. This release is not your typical solo female rapper or singer kind of song. We can’t seem to place the genre or style, but there is definitely a crossover of electronic dance and hip-hop.

Jessi – Down
Released: July 6

We can never get enough of Jessi and we feel her comebacks are way too far apart, but when she does come back she makes sure it’s a banging beat with great visuals and a song you will be humming all day. Showing off her great looks, dance moves and the softer side to her fierce personality, Jessi takes the viewer to a beautiful beach where she serenades us with her surprisingly soft vocals and Caribbean backing beat. A minute before the end be ready to go hard as she switches the sound up and releases her husky-voiced slow rap to give a contrast to the bright and bouncy song. A great comeback!

Blackmusic – Colour
Released: July 7

Indie music can be a huge hit and miss depending on the listener’s mood. Sometimes they mix styles and genres to try and be unique, but this time around, Blackmusic brings his own identity to his song with great composition, controlled and powerful vocals, and a playfulness between the English and Korean language used throughout the song. A mix between lo-fi, chillout and hip-hop. We feel his style is more akin to that of Tablo/Epik High and is certainly one for those lonesome nights with a good book.

There weren’t many releases this week, so be sure to check back for the second instalment of K-music week in review, which will look at releases from July 9-11 2018

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