New Humble Bundle offers over $800 of digital manga for $20

New Humble Bundle offers over $800 of digital manga for $20

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If you fancy snagging a tonne of cut-price manga and helping out a charity while you’re about it, the current Humble Bundle should be right up your street. For the next dozen days, Humble Bundle is offering $819 worth of digital manga for only $20 – including an exclusive preview of the upcoming Ghost In the Shell: Global Neural Network anthology.

Consisting of manga titles that have received anime adaptations, the ‘Manga To Anime By Kodansha’ bundles features franchises such as Ajin: Demi-Human, The Seven Deadly Sins, Ghost in the Shell, Battle Angel Alita and Inuyashiki. Also included in the package is a month’s subscription to anime streaming service HIDIVE and never-before-seen video of mangaka Yukito Kishiro drawing Battle Angel Alita.

Humble Bundle’s manga offer scales in price from $1 for the first tier of content to $20 for all of it, with buyers able to choose how much of their cash they want to give to the publisher, Kodansha, and how much to the selected charity, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The DRM-free manga are available in multiple formats, including CBZ, PDF and ePub.

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