UK Anime Round-Up 7-13 May: Zero Hour

UK Anime Round-Up 7-13 May: Zero Hour

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Just the one new anime release to report this week – but MVM’s Familiar of Zero Complete Collection is a 50-episode Blu-ray behemoth! Featuring all four seasons of J.C.Staff’s fantasy rom-com – the first English dubbed and subbed, the rest subtitle only – this box set clocks in at over 20 hours of viewing.

Adapted from a series of light novels by the late Noboru Yamaguchi, Familiar of Zero tells the story of Tokyo teen Saito Hiraga, who finds himself in the swords ‘n’ sorcery world of Halkeginia after wannabe wizard Louise de la Vallière’s summoning ritual doesn’t go quite to plan.

Being the short-tempered Louise’s familiar is no sinecure – the long-suffering Saito is initially fed on scraps, forced to do menial tasks and gets beaten to a pulp by his diminutive mistress if he so much as looks in the direction of another girl.

There are plenty of girls worth looking at too, from demure maid Siesta to buxom fire mage Kirche. Why should Louise care whom her no-good familiar flirts with? Well, as the first season’s opening sequence reveals, Familiar Of Zero is also a love story… of sorts.

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