BTS: Burn The Stage S01E07 REVIEW

BTS: Burn The Stage S01E07 REVIEW

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Spoilers ahead….

Best Of Me.

Throughout the series, we have been getting some really personal and in-depth looks at the BTS members personalities. Their good, bad, idol and normal selves. Mental health has always been a huge thing for BTS and is featured throughout their songs and music videos, and through Burn The Stage they have also shown that they too suffer from anxiety, depression and other health problems. The strain on their physical and mental selves is huge, and it does cause concern for many fans watching the program, but throughout this episode, I found reassurance that BTS are not going any, they are still going to be just as strong as they are now, and far off into the future.

All fans know that Jin and RM are known as being the members who aren’t as great in dancing as the others (though you would never guess when you see them perform), in the opening Jin explains that what he feels and what he see’s are two different things, but he wants to put his best foot forward to give his best performances. Episode 7 is based on the groups Japan stop of the tour, BTS is a growing boy group in Japan and have visited many times. Jungkook explains how all the fans they see are different and how they tailor to their audience’s needs. Such as in Japan the fans tend to listen and cheer rather than dance around. Suga explains his thoughts on the difference but has a great way of being respectful and endearing towards the fans by understanding that each country and each fan will enjoy their concerts in a different way.


D+123: Saitama, Japan

Jhope explains how each concert in Japan seems to grow, from 500 to 2,000 then 6,000 to 12,000 and now 3 days of 20,000 fans in Saitama alone. The sense that they can physically see their popularity and growth getting bigger through the attendance of fans. This is also apparent with their latest tour reaching double performances at some of the biggest European concert halls.

In this episode, the members talk about Jhope and how he is the life of the group, the coolest member and the one who knows each of their members and how to ease them all when things are troubling. Seeing Jhope perform on the stage you would never believe there was any form of nervousness as he holds himself so well, but when a technical glitch leaves him performing one of the biggest solo songs without any music you can see the fear of failing his performance. In true Jhope style, he uses the energy of the fans, and sheepishly finishes his song, and you can see his enjoyment for that moment. He truly saw a bad situation and turned it into a moment both him and the fans will remember for a long time to come.

Jimin talks about how they all completely focus on the task at hand, they don’t really get time to be distracted as they all have a goal they want to reach. This is continued by Suga who explains through his personal interview how although the original thrill and nervousness has gone, there is still an energy that boosts the members and makes them strive for further goals. Suga is known for being a very whimsical man, but he is also a genius in disguise, he thinks in a manner that is well above his age, and is an extremely bright and well educated young man. His passion for music alone can be seen through his interview, and you can truly see how he dominates a stage and makes his performances his own. The clip of Suga from his pre-debut days is a vast reminder of what hard work can do – he followed his passion, his dreams, and although there were hurdles he has made it.

Cameras and photography have a running theme with K-idols, it seems like it’s their way of escaping, and this is no different for member V. Through his personal interview he talks about his experiences and feelings when he debuted as an actor for his first K-drama Hwarang.  The drama was a great success and certainly showed some of V’s amazing acting talents, but it seems that not everything was as great as V wanted.

V explains how striving for perfection so that he could promote the group well, he ended up putting a lot of pressure on himself. His usual confident self began to fall apart when he started to forget his lines and when he had trouble trying to use Seoul dialect instead of his country dialect (a bit like the differences in accents from people in the south and the north). The closeness of the group is something that was vital for V and his recovery from being down, anxious and stressed from his situation – from talking to the members and hearing their matured opinions, it truly helped him overcome his hurdles, and it was here where he realised he had a family, not just boy group members.

D+135: Sapporo, Japan

Gathered in twos, the members talk about things they want to do when they get some time off from touring. We see the members and staff enjoying a meal and truly relaxing. What is funny about the member’s answers is that although they all have their own personalities and want to do their own things, they still end up thinking about each other.

Once again the episode ends on a thoughtful note and it becomes apparent just how much the group has grown from their first concert to their concerts in Japan. Over 7 episodes we have seen the highs and lows of each of the member’s lives whilst touring, and with each personal interview, it just solidifies their connection with each other, their staff and their fans. I am still in awe at just how grown up and educated the members are, their words are carved into my memory and are things that I could see people quoting in the future. The outlook of their lives and the lives around them is pure, not filled with greed but happiness.

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