Anon director Andrew Niccol: “I’m not in the superhero business”

Anon director Andrew Niccol: “I’m not in the superhero business”

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Avengers: Infinity War had been smashing box office records when we sat down to chat with director Andrew Niccol and star Clive Owen about their new film Anon, so we couldn’t help wondering if these two had any ambitions to dip their toe into the MCU.

Given that Niccol is known for creating a whole world in The Truman Show, shooting action sequences in In Time and dabbling with high-concept science fiction ideas in Gattaca and Simone, his answer was a little surprising…

“I’m not in the superhero business myself,” he told Editor-in-Chief Matt Chapman.

Always understated actor Owen also seemed less-than-enthusiastic about doing battle in a world where Thanos threatens Earth’s mightiest heroes. Although he does sound about as excited as we think he ever gets about a Punisher trailer someone’s made using clips of his films: “I’ll have to check that out.”

Watch the full interview below to hear why Niccol keeps coming back to science fiction stories, what the pair think about today’s technology and how sex scenes never get any easier…

Anon is released in UK and Irish cinemas and on Sky Cinema from 11 May 2018.

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