UK Anime Round-Up 30 April – 6 May: Gotta Kiss ‘Em All!

UK Anime Round-Up 30 April – 6 May: Gotta Kiss ‘Em All!

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This week gets off to a surreal start with Anime Limited’s Blu-ray release of breathtakingly inventive anime film Mind Game. The debut feature from Masaaki Yuasa (The Tatami Galaxy, Lu Over the Wall), Mind Game is a visual tour de force – a wild animated romp that follows 20-year-old wannabe manga artist Nishi and his childhood crush Myon as they go on the run from the yakuza.

Also out on Anime Limited’s All The Anime label today are the Blu-ray of Kiss Him, Not Me, a reverse harem romcom about a yaoi-loving high school girl surrounded by suitors who she’d much rather ship together, and a Blu-ray and DVD collector’s edition of Erased: Part 2, featuring the concluding half of Tomohiko Ito’s excellent time-travel mystery plus a 40-page booklet.

Meanwhile, the folks at Manga UK are in a monster-catchin’ mood, with Pokémon The Movie 20: I Choose You! hitting shelves as a Blu-ray Steelbook and the fourth instalment of the six-part Digimon Adventure Tri series out on standard DVD and Blu-ray.

Following their memory wipe in the last film, Toei Animation’s Digimon Adventure Tri – The Movie Part 4: Loss sees the DigiDestined try to rekindle their friendship with their Digimon partners, although Sora struggles to bond with Biyomon.

Reviewed by us here, feature-length Pokémon movie I Choose You! is a franchise reboot of sorts, taking us back to Ash and Pikachu’s earliest exploits as the duo meet for the first time and head off in search of legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh.

From MVM comes a Blu-ray version of the Log Horizon Season 2 Collection, continuing the adventures of scheming protagonist Shiroe and his guildmates inside a fantasy MMO come-to-life. New characters introduced in Log Horizon’s sequel season include self-proclaimed idol Tetra – a genki girl who’s not quite what she seems – and quick-tempered man mountain Demikas, a former tyrant with an ogre-sized grudge against Shiroe.

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