Sakeru Gummy commercials tell the love story you never knew you needed

Sakeru Gummy commercials tell the love story you never knew you needed

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UHA Mikakuto produces a variety of candy and snacks in Japan. One of those is Sakeru Gummy, which comes in flavours such as grape and orange. When it came to advertising their Long Sakeru Gummy, they produced a long series of commercials with a story that could rival a soap opera.

Chi-chan is out with her boyfriend Tooru-san, sharing grape flavoured Sakeru Gummy.

But in the distance, she catches a glimpse of Long Long Man. As he whips out his Long Sakeru Gummy the saxophone music starts.

Chi-chan is transfixed as she watches the mystery man strip his gummy piece in half.

Chi-chan can’t get Long Long Man out of her head. And so begins a love triangle about a woman torn between Sakeru Gummy and Long Sakeru Gummy. Let’s face it, there’s more drama, romance and comedy going on in this series of commercials than there are in some feature films. Hell, there are even a few plot twists.

The Sakeru Gummy commercials originally began airing in Japan in the summer of 2017 and concluded with the final episode in February 2018. The compilation of all eleven Sakeru Gummy commercials was recently compiled by YouTube user Violet Sumire, adding English subtitles. They said that they originally uploaded it for a friend. The video exploded after it was shared on Reddit and now everyone can have the wail of “Long Long Man,” stuck in their head.

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