Hello!! Kinmoza! Season 2 REVIEW

Hello!! Kinmoza! Season 2 REVIEW

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Hello!! Kinmoza! Season 2 anime review

It’s the start of a new school term and Shinobu is back with Alice, Aya, Yoko and Karen to take on whatever the year will bring. At least, they think they’re ready for all that. But with all the new challenges heading their way, it’s no wonder that Shinobu would rather spend her time staring lovingly at Alice and Karen’s blonde hair…

Yui Hara’s charming high school comedy is back in full force with this new season, as her set of loveable characters attempt to navigate their adolescence with nothing but their wit and positive attitude to guide them. The best part of Hello!! Kinmoza! has always been its protagonists – if they face any challenges they have each other’s backs, even if they have their own way of dealing with things. One highlight is when Aya and Alice put on ‘Yankee’ personas to try and seem more mature, after they are confused for middle school students one too many times. The look clearly doesn’t work for the pair, but it’s amusing to see everyone’s reaction to it.

What makes these characters more charming, though, is their love for each other; a theme that has been obvious from the very beginning of the series. Aya, clearly in love with Yoko, continues to struggle with her feelings, especially when the latter comes up with a one-liner that gets her heart racing. She doesn’t know whether to be honest, but with the help of Yoko’s younger siblings she starts to open up a bit more. Alice and Shinobu, meanwhile, are no longer in the same class as each other and the distance is painful for them. They rush to each other’s side at every opportunity, and Alice even manages to get a body pillow of her best friend to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Some new faces also help keep things fresh and interesting. Home economics teacher Miss Kuzehashi wants to get on with her pupils, but often comes across as terrifying. The main target of her misguided attempts is Karen, whose lack of concern over work or school uniform regulations quickly makes her stand out in her teacher’s eyes. The pair often end up at odds with each other, especially thanks to Karen’s uncanny ability to complain about Miss Kuzehashi while she’s standing right behind her, but they also help one another and it’s a fun relationship to add to the series.

Karen’s classmate Honoka also adds some great comic humour to the mix, as her misguided belief that Karen and Alice are royalty because of their blonde locks often leads to interesting scenes. These great additions to the cast and the amusing new chapters in Shinobu and company’s lives ensure that Hello!! Kinmoza!’s second season is just as fun as the first. Reviewed by Roxy Simons

Release: 2 July 2018
From: Manga UK
Format: DVD/Blu-ray combi
Price: £39.99
Age Rating: 12

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