Anime Limited P-P-Picks Up Penguin Highway

Anime Limited P-P-Picks Up Penguin Highway

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Anime Limited has acquired the UK rights to fantasy film Penguin Highway, the first feature-length production from animation Studio Colorido (Typhoon Noruda). Adapting a novel by Tatami Galaxy author Tomihiko Morimi, Penguin Highway is the debut feature from young director Hiroyasu Ishida and is set to premiere in Japan this August.

The film centres on serious 10 year-old boy Aoyama, who is understandably surprised to discover that penguins are inexplicably popping up all over his landlocked home town. Things take an even odder turn when Aoyama spots his first crush – a young woman who works at a dentist’s office – dropping a soft drink can that promptly transforms into a penguin! Can Aoyama get to the bottom of these strange penguinesque shenanigans?

Announcing its pick-up on World Penguin Day, Anime Limited says that Penguin Highway’s official UK theatrical release is currently slated for some time in 2019. However, the Glasgow-based company teases that there may be ‘other opportunities to catch the film on the big screen before 2019 rolls around’.

Penguin Highway trailer (Japanese language)

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