Quantic Dream’s sci-fi noir Detroit: Become Human coming this May

Quantic Dream’s sci-fi noir Detroit: Become Human coming this May

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Fresh off of an unsettling trailer at last year’s Paris Games Week and allegations of unhealthy working conditions within the developer, Quantic Dream has announced the release date for their upcoming sci-fi noir, Detroit: Become Human.

Set in a dystopian near-future where humans and androids precariously co-exist, Detroit follows the story of three machines who suddenly find themselves starting to feel emotions. You’ll be able to play as all three – including police investigator Connor, the fugitive Kara and the revolutionary Markus.

Much like other Quantic Dream titles Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit, the choices you make will help shape each of the character’s stories. Small and major decisions can send the narrative shooting off in all sorts of directions, with the developers saying you can even miss entire scenes if you go down certain paths.

Quantic Dream has also made it clear the game will attempt to deal with some difficult subject matter. That Paris Games Week trailer skirted controversy for its rather flippant approach to domestic abuse, but hopefully, within the context of the full game, these issues will be more tactfully addressed.

Detroit: Become Human launches on May 25th for PS4.

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