Kaiju-brawling game Monsterpocalypse stomping onto tabletops this autumn

Kaiju-brawling game Monsterpocalypse stomping onto tabletops this autumn

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If you’re a fan of city-stomping kaiju and brawling giant robots (and honestly, who isn’t?), upcoming tabletop game Monsterpocalypse might be right in your wheelhouse. Privateer Press, the firm behind Warmachine and Hordes, will be rebooting its 2008 miniatures game this autumn with streamlined second edition rules and a brand new range of models.

Played on a gridded city map populated by skyscrapers and factories, Monsterpocalypse pits teams of monsters and minions against each other in a building-levelling battle to the death. Recruiting from two archetypical sides – ‘Protectors’ and ‘Destroyers’ – players will field forces of up to three giant monsters supported by 15-25 smaller units such as tanks and ‘planes.

Taking inspiration from classic kaiju, mecha and sci-fi tropes, the Protectors and Destroyers each feature three different factions. The good guys can select from the human G.U.A.R.D with their massive mechs, Terrasaurs led by colossal dinosaur Terra-Khan and the Shadow Sun Syndicate, whose genetically-engineered ninja can morph into 60-meter-tall super-soldiers. Facing them in the villains’ corner are the Lords of Cthul’s legion of nightmare spawn, a human-abducting Martian invasion fleet and the ominously-named Planet Eaters, alien horrors led by ravenous gargantuan beasts.

Unlike the 2008 title, which was a collectable miniatures game with pre-painted figures, the new Monsterpocalypse will use high-detail, unpainted resin and metal hobby miniatures. As with Games Workshop’s upcoming Adeptus Titanicus reboot, the minis have also increased in scale, meaning that they are incompatible with the original game.

Monsterpocalypse Announcement Trailer

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