Is a MoviePass equivalent, cPass, coming to the UK?

Is a MoviePass equivalent, cPass, coming to the UK?

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In an effort to entice film fans away from streaming services and back to the cinema, the US movie subscription service MoviePass changed its pricing plan in August 2017, allowing moviegoers to watch a film, a day, on the big screen, for $9.95 a month. Variety recently reported that in the six months since then, MoviePass has seen its subscribers jump from 400,000 to over two million.

Now, it’s been reported by ScreenDaily that an equivalent to MoviePass, cPass, could be coming to the UK and Europe.

The cPass website went live on 8 March, with a similar look and layout to MoviePass (though they claim that they “are not affiliated with MoviePass”). For now, the site allows users to add their name and e-mail to a waiting list. It claims to offer moviegoers the opportunity to, “watch as many films as you like in any cinema for £9.95 a month.” Depending on where you live, it can sometimes cost more than £9.95 for just a single ticket, so £9.95 a month to watch the latest and greatest on the big screen sounds like a sweet deal. However, so far, it all looks a bit questionable.

When the site initially launched, it had the logos of Curzon, Cineworld, Electric Cinema, Odeon, Reel Cinema and Vue, giving the impression that these cinema chains were working alongside cPass. Their logos have since been removed. Plus cPass would be competing against Odeon’s Limitless pass and Cineworld’s Unlimited pass. The UK Cinema Association, which comprises a majority of UK cinema operators, also claimed that none of their cinema chains are signed up with cPass.

cPass have welcomed questions on their Twitter page, revealing that there are still in the early beta stages. They also revealed that they are based in the US, but the founders are from Europe, so they are, “talking now with lawyers to see if it make sense to have an LTD in UK or in Europe.” This came about after someone raised how their terms of service initially stated, “you are a Resident of the United States.” The terms of service also still list some prices in US dollars.

If cPass does launch and turns out to work just like MoviePass, then after signing up and paying the monthly fee, users will receive a card. After using the cPass app to choose which film you want to watch, where you want to watch it, and when, you then go to the cinema and swipe your card at the box office in exchange for a free ticket.

Their terms of service state that with cPass you can watch one 2D film per day (it excludes 3D and IMAX films). cPass intend to launch in London with plans to expand to the rest of the UK and European countries.

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