Dragon Ball Z Movie Collections 5 & 6 REVIEW

Dragon Ball Z Movie Collections 5 & 6 REVIEW

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Dragon Ball Z Movie Collections 5 & 6 REVIEW

While the DBZ films don’t often shy away from tried and tested formulas, they can throw up some surprises. Even for long-term fans who think they’ve seen it all, these two movie collections should trigger more than a few raised eyebrows and WTFs.

Much of the freshness comes from the way that various supporting characters are thrust into the spotlight. Master Roshi and Oolong go on a rousing alien adventure in Broly the Super Saiyan, Trunks and Gotan visit a remote mountain village in Second Coming, Mr Satan and snarky fembot #18 track down a mad scientist in Bio Broly, and Trunks is back again showing hidden depths when he pals up with a reawakened hero in Wrath of the Dragon. On top of that, three out of five movies feature the rarely seen husband and wife duo of Gohan and Videl, with Gohan donning a Piccolo-style bandanna and Videl sporting a crash helmet as they team up to fight crime.

But if it’s all-out weirdness you want, check out Fusion Reborn on Collection 6. A toxic spill in the Other World results in Earth being overrun by legions of the living dead, culminating in an eye-popping moment of bad taste when Trunks and Goten square off against Hitler. Yep, Hitler. Nope, it doesn’t make much sense, but boy, you won’t forget it in a hurry.

The colours seem a little washed out on these remasters, but the animators deliver some virtuoso carnage. If you’re looking to sample DBZ’s movie output for the first time, these collections aren’t a bad place to start. Reviewed by Julian White

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