Attack on Titan 2 game’s pre-launch video reveals gameplay and DLC schedule

Attack on Titan 2 game’s pre-launch video reveals gameplay and DLC schedule

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With the release of Attack on Titan 2 now just days away, Koei Tecmo have uploaded a pre-launch video.

Hosted by the game’s producer, Hisashi Koinuma, the hour-long video also features the anime’s voice actors Hiro Shimono (who voices Conny Springer) and Yui Ishikawa (who voices Mikasa Ackerman) playing through the game with a customised character and talking about some of the features. As well as wearing the uniforms of their respective characters from the show, they also both compete against each other in the game’s Annihilation Mode.

The video was originally streamed live on Koei Tecmo’s Japanese YouTube page. It has now been uploaded on their US and European YouTube pages with English subtitles. A list of the highlights (and if you just want to skip to them):

5:24 – The opening trailer.
6:45 – Producer Koinuma turns into a Titan.
10:28 – Yui plays through the Story Mode.
14:00 – A cutscene where Yui alludes to “that character”.
19:45 – Hiro plays through the Town Life Mode.
23:20 – Hiro and Yui realise that the conversation here might be different depending on the characters present and choices you make. Because of the conversation, Conny’s skill is raised.
28:13 – Hiro and Yui use Dummy Head Mic to read through a scene in the game (you’re expected to wear headphones during this segment to get the full experience).
31:08 – The goodies you can find in the game’s limited edition Treasure Box (Japan only).
35:00 – A look at the additional costumes available.

35:55 – “The problem is Jean. What happened here?
37:25 – It’s revealed that Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama has played the game.
40:40 – “What was that apology?
41:27 – Hiro and Yui play Scout Missions Co-op Mode on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.
51:50 – Hiro and Yui compete with each other in Annihilation Mode to see who can kill the most Titans. The loser has to drink what is described as, “a seething drink that Hange accidentally created during her research.”
1:03:01 – The DLC release schedule of additional costumes available after the game is launched.
1:03:50 – The DLC release schedule of additional episodes to download and play after the game is launched.
1:04:06 – A Predator Mode is available from 29 March; an online mode where up to four players take control of a Titan and compete against each other to see who can consume the most humans.

Allowing fans to play through season two of the anime, the game includes original plot developments and the opportunity learn more about the characters via side stories and conversations.

Attack on Titan 2 is released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita (Japan only), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam and arrives in Japan on 15 March 2018. It is released in the US and Europe on 20 March 2018.

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