Dontnod’s Vampyr coming this June

Dontnod’s Vampyr coming this June

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Vampyr, the bloodsucking action-thriller from the creators of Life is Strange and Remember Me, will be released on June 5th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Set in London during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, you take on the role of doctor and recently turned vampire, Jonathan Reid, as you balance between sticking to your Hippocratic Oath and finding enough blood to keep you sated.

Given Dontnod’s previous fondness for storytelling and player choice, that dilemma is central to how you play the game. You can even choose to complete Vampyr without taking a single life, for example, although any decision you do make can drastically affect Jonathan’s story and how the city of London copes with the flu outbreak as a whole.

Combat and exploration elements are mixed in too, allowing you to discover hidden secrets around London or level up Jonathan’s vampiric abilities.

Dontnod has steadily built a reputation for delivering some of gaming’s most fascinating and diverse stories, so here’s hoping Vampyr will be able to live up to the high standard they’ve set so far.

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