More Final Fantasy 15 DLC planned for 2018

More Final Fantasy 15 DLC planned for 2018

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During the latest Active Time Report, Square Enix has revealed that they have plans for more Final Fantasy 15 DLC throughout 2018.

The news was reported by Siliconera, who confirmed that the game’s director Hajime Tabata said he wanted to create and release three further episodic DLCs in 2018, similar to previously released episodes for Noct’s gang – Gladio, Prompto and Ignis.

He announced that the first one they will work on focuses on the game’s irrational villain, Ardyn. Very little was revealed about what we can expect from the episode, but apparently, it will explore the world of Eos more and dive further into its history.

No specific release date was confirmed either, outside of the industry standard “it’ll be out when it’s ready”. Tabata is hoping to get all the planned episodes to a satisfactory level of quality, rather than rushing them out too quickly.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC at some point in 2018 too. It wasn’t confirmed whether these upcoming DLC episodes will make it to the new version.

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