Seth Rogan shows off Future Man sci-fi TV comedy

Seth Rogan shows off Future Man sci-fi TV comedy

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These days, San Diego Comic-Con usually has a fanfare from either Marvel, DC or Disney, or most commonly, all three. But the smaller stuff can be a lot of fun too…and you cannot deny that anything Seth Rogan touches at the moment, turns to gold.

Hulu has released a snippet of sorts for its upcoming sci-fi series Future Man. Directed by Seth Rogen who also acts as Executive Producer and created by Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir (Sausage Party), the show follows a janitor (Josh Hutcherson) who is recruited to travel through time to save the future, but must do so without screwing up the past.

This trailer doesn’t show any footage from the show, but it does provide a sense of humor that Rogen and company could be going for. In the footage, Rogen insists that in order for their show to stand apart, they need to use real, functioning laser guns. Hutcherson tries to explain that using real weapons is a bad idea, and it turns out he’s right. There just aren’t enough sci-fi comedy series on TV. As awesome as they are, constant Red Dwarf re-runs get…a little tired after a few years. Thank the Maker that this show and Seth MacFarlane’s Galaxy Quest-esque show The Orville are both coming soon.

All 13 episodes premieres on Hulu on November 14th. The show also stars Eliza Coupe, Derek Wilson, Haley Joel Osment, Keith David, Glenne Headly, and Ed Begley Jr.

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