Kingdom Hearts III trailer reveals new Toy Story world

Kingdom Hearts III trailer reveals new Toy Story world

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Prepare to go to infinity and beyond in Kingdom Hearts III as Disney and Square Enix have revealed that Toy Story will be one of the worlds you’ll be visiting in the long-awaited RPG sequel.

In a trailer debuted at last weekend’s D23 Expo, Sora and the gang find themselves transported to Andy’s Room where Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys are in the midst of a little Heartless problem of their own. The two groups decide to team up and take the fight to series big bads Organisation XIII.

The footage is stunning, with Sora, Donald and Goofy battling Heartless on the streets outside Andy’s house with an array of over-the-top weapons and flashy special attacks. Environments are gorgeous too and show off the visual bump we can expect from the third main entry in the series.

The trailer ends with one final zinger: a release date of 2018.

If the track record of Kingdom Hearts III is anything to go by, though, we’ll start preparing a news post to announce its delay to 2019 right now. Nevertheless, consider our excitement levels for Kingdom Hearts III well and truly raised once again.

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