BUZZ WORDS: The Batmen

BUZZ WORDS: The Batmen

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The murmur from the DCEU is that Ben Affleck‘s time under the cowl may be coming to an end. The latest man to take up the mantle of the Batman has gone from writing and directing in the new Batman movie, to starring in it and nothing more – and word now is that he’s on the way out. While we wouldn’t usually buy into this, this source is normally on the money. Plus, Affleck didn’t actually deny he’s out at SDCC.

So, who could take his place? We’ve got some thoughts…

Idris Elba

We’re still holding out for Elba as Bond but just in case it doesn’t happen (and it’s looking increasingly likely it won’t), then we’d love to see him handed this role as a rules skirting crime fighter?

Elba’s got the presence, that’s not in doubt. He’s also got the acting ability, with everything from Rock’n’Rolla to Pacific Rim showing just how versatile he is. And he’s cetainly got the physical conditioning, especially after the recent series that saw him train, and fight, as a professional kickboxer.

If there’s an issue here it’s age. Except that isn’t an issue at all. Elba is the exact same age as Affleck, and, interestingly, several years younger than some candidates, so for us he’s absolutely in the frame.

He’d be a brave, difficult choice but one that’s worth making.

Jason Statham

And if Elba isn’t in the mix or doesn’t want the role?


First, he’s got the voice. Statham’s gravelly tones have been as much a part of his bankability as his extraordinary work ethic and shaved head. He sounds like Batman, without having to put on the ‘WHERE ARE THEY?!’ voice.

Second, he absolutely has the skills. He’s a proficient martial artist, a high-end athlete and is exactly the kind of physical actor the role requires.

Finally, he’s been toying with the noir end of the pool for a little while now. Some of his most recent movies, especially Hummingbird and Wild Card, show he’s got the presence and maturity to land roles that don’t centre around shooting things alongside Sylvester Stallone, fun as that is. He’d be a very different Batman, but that’s no bad thing.

Lewis Tan

Lewis Tan is the Iron Fist we almost got. Tan’s martial arts credentials are a given. He’s such a talented martial artist he essentially fought himself, thanks to the ridiculously small amount of time Iron Fist gave its staff for fight choreography.

His acting is less well known but that’s not a deal breaker.  He’s impressed in small roles for a while now and casting an actor at the start of his career rather the middle would be good for the role, the franchise, the character and Tan himself.

Matt Bomer

He was an upper crust crime fighter for six seasons on White Collar, so Matt Bomer knows the ground. Plus he’s got the physical appearance, he’s got range and his career is perfectly placed. He’s known to fans of Magic Mike and White Collar (And Chuck of course. Oh we miss Chuck) but he’s patiently waiting for a breakout role. And what better breakout role could there be than Batman?

Tahmoh Penikett

There are very few actors who can embody fundamental decency quite like Tahomoh Penikett. His turn in Battlestar Galactica as Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon was an impossibly difficult role, which Penikett nailed. He excels at playing good men in bad places and there are very few places worse than Gotham City.

Plus Penikett, much like Tan and Elba, is a skilled martial artist. A long time Thai boxing practitioner and fan, he’s got the size, the skill and the heart for the role. An outside choice? Certainly. But we wouldn’t bet against him.

So, those are our Batmen. If Affleck stays on? We’ll be delighted because he’s managed to make a lumpy, badly written role work. If he moves on, we’d love to see any of these guys take up the mantle.



Evan Rachel Wood as Batwoman.

Why not both? Gotham needs all the help it can get.

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