Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Season 3 DVD REVIEW

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Season 3 DVD REVIEW

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After defeating the Society of Light in the previous season, Jayden Yuki is about to begin his third year at Duel Academy. But since the poor guy never seems to get chance to kick back and enjoy a relaxing evening of cards, it’s not long before Jayden and friends find themselves whisked off to another world where their cards are no longer just a game!

By this point, you’d think the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise would have mastered the art of making turn-based card games exciting. However, it’s precisely these duels that make this season’s early episodes so difficult to watch. There’s no excitement or tension to be found in watching two characters meticulously explain every move they make, and the story suffers as these prolonged duels repeatedly bring everything to a grinding halt. Once the plot kicks in after about 15 episodes things do start to improve, but the duels themselves prove problematic throughout.

What lends these episodes some charm is the English dub, the only language track available on this release and one that often borders on parody. What with all the fourth-wall breaking, self-referential shout-outs, silly names and even sillier accents, it sometimes feels like 4Kids Entertainment knew the material they were working with wasn’t up to much and were determined to get some laughs out of it. Accurate to the source material it certainly isn’t, but the dub is enough to keep you watching on its own.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX’s third season is an enjoyable release for all the wrong reasons. As an action-adventure series, it’s slow-paced and almost entirely consumer-driven, but that English dub makes it surprisingly successful as a comedy offering. Reviewed by Alex Jones

Release: 12 June 2017
From: Manga UK
Format: DVD
Price (RRP): £39.99
Age Rating: PG

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