Star Wars Battlefront II PREVIEW

Star Wars Battlefront II PREVIEW

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The sequel goes under the helmet of a Stormtrooper to tell Versio’s story.

The two most significant changes in Star Wars Battlefront II are the inclusion of a single-player campaign mode, as well as a break away from the traditional approach to instead focus on the Imperial perspective – you play as Iden Versio, Commander of Inferno Squadron, Imperial Special Forces. The game follows Versio’s journey from the end of Return of the Jedi – as she looks up from the surface of the forest moon of Endor and watches the Death Star explode overhead – all the way to the events of The Force Awakens. And it’s 100 per cent canon!

The Death Star’s destruction kick starts Versio’s campaign for vengeance.

“The rebellion has its heroes, like Skywalker, like Jyn Erso, but who are the heroes of the Empire? Who are the elite pilots that kids in the galaxy grew up dreaming of being? Who were the commandos on the front line of combat that could inspire legions of Stormtroopers? That was the starting point of this story,” says game director Mark Thompson. “We wanted to take the helmet off a Stormtrooper and find out who they were, why they believed in the Empire and what it meant to be an elite, Special Forces Imperial soldier.”

Players can choose different classes, such as infantryman or sniper.

The multi-player mode will include action set throughout all eras – prequels, clone wars, original and sequel trilogies – and players can earn and unlock heroic abilities and customisation options as the game progresses. There’s a lot more emphasis on battles in space and – brilliantly – you can now even ride a tauntaun.

There’s more emphasis on space battles this time around.

It’s available for pre-order now at £59.99 (consoles) and £49.99 (PC), with early adopters bagging some Star Wars: The Last Jedi-related in-game costumes, weapons and ships. Previewed by Scott Snowden

Developer: Pandemic
Publisher: LucasArts
Release: 17 November 2017
Formats: PS4, PC and Xbox One

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