Out Of The Box: Boxcitement Review

Out Of The Box: Boxcitement Review

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As the years go by, it’s pretty hard to find the perfect gift for your friends and family, trying to find out if they have a specific item or if they still have the same interests. This is where subscription boxes can be a perfect gift for the person. In this case Boxcitement seems to be the right box for any given celebration.

Consisting of a dedicated team of people who have experiences in creative fields such as graphic design, fashion design, jewellery making and illustration, they use modern and traditional techniques, and materials, to create exclusively designed stationery, accessories, jewellery and homewares for their subscription boxes. They also collaborate with a wide range of artists and companies to bring unique gifts to their subscribers.

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Although each month has a different theme and will always contain different types of goodies, the boxes follow a set of general rules, such as the following:

  • A couple of ‘special’ gifts to brighten your day – usually a piece of handcrafted jewellery as well as homewares such as laser cut decorations and ornaments.
  • An ‘everyday’ gift designed exclusively by us which could be anything from socks to coasters to sweets! It might fulfil a function but it will still look fabulous!
  • Simple and stylish crafting projects and kits which you can make yourself or pass on to the crafty in your life!
  • Exclusive greeting cards printed using high quality card with matching envelopes.
  • A selection of stationery and planner accessories – which could include notebooks, stickers, postcards, gift tags, pens, pencils and more!
  • Crafting and wrapping essentials such as washi tape, wrapping paper and quality ribbon – never send a plain parcel again!

Boxcitement’s past boxes are only £12 with free UK delivery, so if you see a theme you think you would like you can back track and receive your box at a discounted price. Otherwise you have the choice of buying one months box for £18, three months of boxes for £17 per a box (£51 in total), six months of boxes at £16 (£96 in total) or twelve months of boxes at £15 (£180 in total). All of the subscriptions come with free UK delivery, so there are no added costs.

We were given a August ‘Under The Sea’ themed box to review for our readers to give an idea of what you can expect in the future from Boxcitement. When the box arrived it was the size of a deeper DVD case, It had all the information needed to deliver on the front, and the Boxcitement logo on the back. Upon opening the box there was a leaflet that explained what was inside, the theme of the box, and some decorative crepe paper to keep everything secure. I also noticed that the box size was very misleading for it was jammed full of goodies.


Hardback Notebook & Matching Pen

The notebook is a handy A5 size, perfect for placing within your bag. It featured a beautiful pendant charm on elastic that held the book closed and also holds the ball point pen in place. The pen is a metallic blue with the word “Dive In” on the side. The ink dispenses well and works really well on the paper in the notebook.


Dead Sea Salt Pamper Kit

Dead Sea Salt has a multitude of uses within the beauty industry. It’s great for getting rid of dead skin cells, clearing pores, exfoliating, toning and generally giving your whole body a relaxing time. There are some instructions on a quirky card that is wrapped around the pouch of salt, and includes a really cute wooden measuring spoon to make sure you don’t use too much. A personal favourite use of the salt for me was mixing two spoons worth of salt with three spoonfuls of honey and half an avocado, using it as a face mask by leaving it on my face for 30 minutes. Gently wash the face pack off with warm water and pat your skin dry; this is great for deep cleaning and battling any greasy skin problems that can happen.


Nautical Badges

These pin badges are the cutest sea themed badges around, featuring a whale who seems to be shouting “AHOY”; a pretty mermaid; a ring float with “Save Me”, and an anchor asking you to “Catch Me If You Can”. These are quirky and a nice accessory to a nautical piece of clothing.


Fluro Coral Pendant Necklace

I was so surprised when I saw this. It is so pretty and the photo really doesn’t do it justice. The leaflet describes it as an ‘Exclusively designed fluro coral pendant to add a bit of zing to any outfit.” I can fully agree that this is a stunning bit of jewellery.


Photo Print

This photo print is very reminiscent of images you find at the seaside, but going from the image itself I do wonder if the image was created by the team behind the box. The photo is mounted onto a card frame so it is ready to display as soon as you get it. I do like this as I feel it has a very personal touch between the team and the customers.


Reusable Mylar Stencil

Everyone likes a great stencil. Stencilling fabrics, furniture and even walls, was a huge deal back before the turn of the millennium. This stencil is perfect for that touch of something nautical, and is made from a hard wearing plastic, so you can clean any paint or product off it without damaging it. This item really inspires people to get creative, and comes with a small set of instructions and inspirations on how to use it.


Note Cards & Envelopes

Keeping with the “Under The Sea” theme, these seaside inspired note cards are extremely cute and high quality. The card is thick and the front is glossy, meaning you could even place these cards into frames and display them.

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When I saw the size of the box I felt a little bit of disappointment, especially when customers are paying £18 for the items inside, I thought there would be something a bit bigger. But when I opened it and saw all the high quality items inside, the thought behind it, and the way they keep everything personal but on a large scale, I was really pleased.

Boxcitement has their own blog section on their website where they give tips and tricks about a multitude of things, such as creative inspirations, how to write the perfect letter, or a behind the scenes look at Boxcitement’s very own letter press. They also have a page dedicated to reviews from other websites, YouTubers and customers, so that future customers and subscribers can see what other people think about their product.

Boxcitement are available on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and can also be contacted via their website. So if you have any queries, or want to order your own box and show a little support, be sure to head on over.

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