Korean Rock Group Guckkasten “Challenge” League Of Legends eSports Stars

Korean Rock Group Guckkasten “Challenge” League Of Legends eSports Stars

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Korea may have come under the scope for many because of K-pop, but not many realise that Korea has an amazing amount of rock musicians as well. Guckkasten is a rock band that some in the UK may recall gracing the stage at the London Korean Festival in Trafalgar Square last year, along with SMEntertainment’s girl group F(x).

Guckkasten have hit the headlines this time due to their involvement with one of Korea’s biggest money-making empires – eSports. League of Legends players may remember the involvement of Imagine Dragons with their release of “Warriors” for the 2014 World Championships (the song featured a whole array of famous eSports players in animated form).

The new LCK Summer theme song by Guckkasten is titled “Challenge” and features famous eSports stars such as SKT Faker and SKT Bang. The song itself is a complete rock anthem. Going through the the LCK Summer Theme Song Reddit page and you can see empowering and encouraging comments from people, a few of whom have never even heard a song from Korea. The lyrics feature key quotes such as, “It’s my challenge – Keep fighting” as a mantra for all of the eSports teams to keep fighting and challenging each others skills.

Be sure to check out the music video below. If you want to know about Guckkasten then you can visit their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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