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Here are all the references in Ready Player One – that we could spot (1)

Let us know in the comments what we’ve missed >>>

Ready Player One, the absolutely final trailer (0)

Do you remember “Take On Me” by A-ha? >>>

Ready Player One gets premiere at SXSW (0)

The nostalgia monster is just too alluring >>>

Ready Player One, last trailer arrives (0)

This is war, for control of the future >>>

Ready Player One, new trailer drops (0)

An overabundance of 80s nostalgia >>>

Amazing Stories Revival On The Way From Steven Spielberg, Bryan Fuller And Apple (0)

Spielberg and Fuller have more Amazing Stories to tell>>>

Ready Player One first footage drops at SDCC (0)

It’s a spectacular cacophony of pop culture >>>

Simon Pegg In Talks For Role In Spielberg’s Ready Player One (0)

According to The Hollywood Reporter Simon Pegg (Shaun Of The Dead, Spaced, Star Trek) is in negotiations

ET Invades London Streets

ET Invades London Streets (0)

Just seen a little kid go by on a bike with an odd-shaped passenger in the