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UK Cinema Release for 009 RE:Cyborg

UK Cinema Release for 009 RE:Cyborg (0)

Anime Limited plans 2D and 3D run in 15 cinemas…

009 RE:Cyborg Gets UK Cinema Release (0)

Anime Limited has announced that it has acquired the theatrical rights to 009 RE:Cyborg, Kenji Kamiyama’s film adaptation of Shotaro Ishinomori’s classic sci-fi manga. A podcast on the UK Anime News website includes an

Upcoming 3D Anime Film 009 RE:CYBORG Gets Trailer (0)

A full trailer of the upcoming anime film 009 RE:CYBORG has been released on the official You Tube channel. The trailer introduces the voices of Cyborg 002 (Daisuke Ono), 003 (Chiwa Saito), 004 (Toru Ohkawa),