UK Anime Round-Up 4-10 February: Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

UK Anime Round-Up 4-10 February: Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

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This week sees MVM Entertainment release a Blu-ray collector’s edition of Armed Girl’s Machiavellism, a 13-episode action comedy featuring a cast of sword-wielding schoolgirls.

Having been expelled from his old school for getting involved in a huge brawl, Fudou Nomura transfers to Aichi Academy, only to find that all the boys are dressed as girls – and all the girls are armed to the teeth. Turns out that when the previously all-girl high school turned co-ed, the girls were worried enough about potential male perviness to start carrying weapons. Now the lads are kept firmly in line by a fearsome vigilante group called the Supreme Five Swords …but new boy Nomura doesn’t plan on following their rules.

Directed by Hideki Tachibana (BlazBlue Alter Memory, Circlet Princess) and animated by studios Silver Link and Connect, 2017 series Armed Girl’s Machiavellism stars Tasuku Hatanaka as protagonist Fudou Nomura and Yūki Takada as mask-wearing Supreme Five Swords leader Rin Onigawara. Rin’s fellow vigilante girls are played by Sayaka Kitahara, Rina Hidaka, Nozomi Nishida and Natsumi Hioka. The English voice cast is introduced here:

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