Stephen Chow is developing Kung Fu Hustle 2

Stephen Chow is developing Kung Fu Hustle 2

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A sequel has long been talked about, and now writer and director Stephen Chow has revealed that Kung Fu Hustle 2 is in the works.

The news comes from M.A.A.C, translating an interview Chow did to promote his latest film The New King of Comedy (a follow up to King of Comedy). Chow revealed that he would direct Kung Fu Hustle 2, but the story would not focus on his character Sing. While he may make a cameo, the film would be more of a spiritual follow-up. It would take place in the same universe, but in modern day and in a different country rather than in 1930s Shanghai.

Chow wrote, produced, directed and starred in the original film which was released back in 2004. It went on to earn over $100 million worldwide. Back then Chow spoke of there being a sequel with new characters, but put the project on the backburner as he went on to direct CJ7. He has since directed Journey to the West and The Mermaid, the latter of which became one of the highest grossing films in China and also has a sequel in development.

Chow said that he would start work on Kung Fu Hustle 2 after finishing the sequel to The Mermaid.

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