Second teaser trailer for Hideo Nakata’s Sadako

Second teaser trailer for Hideo Nakata’s Sadako

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Kadokawa Pictures has released a new teaser for their upcoming horror film in the Ring (Ringu) franchise, Sadako.

With the return of director Hideo Nakata, the new film is loosely based on Koji Suzuki’s novel Tide, the sixth book in his Ring series which was published in 2013. Adapted for the screen by writer Noriaki Sugihara, the film focuses on the origins of Sadako.

It stars Elaiza Ikeda as a psychiatrist named Mayu Akikawa, who is looking after a girl (Himeka Himejima) that has lost her memory. However, a series of unusual occurrences appear to be connected to the young girl.

As reported on Natalie, the new teaser opens with Kazuma Akikawa (Hiroya Shimizu), Mayu’s younger brother, who is a YouTuber looking to gain more followers. He is seen filming his findings at an apartment where five people died from a fire. We see that Mayu is watching his video and she catches a glimpse of something that leaves Kazuma spooked – Sadako is in the background. Cue a montage of unsettling images (including that well) and a jump scare.

The film also stars Takashi Tsukamoto as Yūsuke, someone who gets involved in the Sadako curse; Rie Tomosaka as Hatsuko Sono, the mother of the amnesiac girl that Mayu is looking after; and Ren Kiriyama as Minoru Fujii, a fellow psychiatrist that works alongside Mayu.

Sadako is released in Japan on 24 May 2019.

Plus, if you’re a fan of the original film, or you just want to see where it all began, then Nakata’s Ringu will be back on the big screen with a newly restored HD transfer, courtesy of Arrow Films. It will be shown at select UK cinemas from 1 March 2019 ahead of its Blu-ray release on 18 March 2019.

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