Oninaki is the next game from Tokyo RPG Factory

Oninaki is the next game from Tokyo RPG Factory

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Tokyo RPG Factory – the team behind old school JRPGs I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear – have announced their latest game, Oninaki.

Revealed as part of this week’s Nintendo Direct broadcastOninaki is an action-RPG that sees you play as Kagachi – a ‘Watcher’ who is capable of travelling between The Living World and The Beyond where he must help lost souls move on to the afterlife, lest they become monsters.

While that still reads like a traditional JRPG tale that Tokyo RPG Factory is known for, the biggest difference compared to their previous two releases is the move away from turn-based battles to action-focused combat. The trailer gives us a glimpse of this, as Kagachi pummels away at foes with an assortment of swords, axes and guns.

One of the game’s more interesting mechanics is your ability to use the friendly souls you’ve rescued throughout your journey in combat. In the trailer, we see these floating spirits can assist you or amplify your own skills to pull off more powerful attacks.

Going by Tokyo RPG Factory’s previous releases, we should expect a solid and faithful reimagining of classic JRPGs. While they may not be revolutionary, it’s still great to see someone continue to develop games in that style.

Oninaki is scheduled for release in summer 2019 for PS4, Switch and PC.

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