Heroes clash as fantasy board game Tiny Epic Tactics hits Kickstarter

Heroes clash as fantasy board game Tiny Epic Tactics hits Kickstarter

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There’s a distinct Final Fantasy Tactics vibe to Tiny Epic Tactics, the latest in Gamelyn Games’ series of super portable board games. Currently on Kickstarter for a short 15-day campaign, the already-funded Tiny Epic Tactics packs a lot of game into its little box, featuring 3D terrain, variable player powers and multiple gameplay modes.

The core game sees up to 2-4 player each taking command of an adventuring party consisting of a warrior, rogue, wizard and beast drawn at random from each character class’ deck. Their battleground is a squared map scroll covered in features such as portals, villages, rivers and woods, and given elevation by the addition of half a dozen terrain boxes. With melee, missile and spell attack at their disposal, players attempt to control specific areas of the map, capture enemy champions and keep their own heroes alive.

Other game modes include solo and cooperative play, with players fighting spawning enemies and exploring caves – flip a terrain box over and you’ll find a dungeon printed on the inside. Tiny Epic Tactics’ default Evergreen Woodlands setting can also be changed up via the Kickstarter’s two map expansions, the Winter Highlands and the Savage Wastelands, each of which includes new map scrolls and cardboard covers that slip over the terrain boxes.

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