Three generations together in first trailer for Shaft

Three generations together in first trailer for Shaft

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Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for the sequel Shaft, with Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role of John Shaft from the 2000 film.

JJ, aka John Shaft Jr. (Jessie T. Usher) is an FBI cyber security expert, but he needs a little help when it comes to finding out the truth behind his best friend’s death. He turns to his father, John Shaft II (Samuel L. Jackson). It’s not long before they’re making their way through Harlem’s heroin-infested underbelly, along with the help of the original John Shaft (Richard Roundtree).

The trailer actually received its premiere on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where Samuel L. Jackson, Jessie T. Usher and Richard Roundtree all appeared in character as John Shaft to interrupt Jimmy’s opening monologue. The trailer also has no indication of what three generations of Shaft are actually investigating. But you do get to see them shooting bad guys, beating people up and stopping traffic while wearing their leather coats and sunglasses.

Directed by Tim Story (of Fantastic Four and Ride Along), the film also stars Regina Hall, Alexandra Shipp, Matt Lauria, Cliff ‘Method Man’ Smith, and Avan Jogia.

Shaft is set to open in the US on 14 June 2019 and will be released internationally by Netflix.

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