Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ardyn – Prologue short film released

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ardyn – Prologue short film released

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The backstory of the Final Fantasy 15 uinverse continues to be expanded upon with the release of Episode Ardyn – Prologue, a short film focused on the enigmatic and bizarre big bad from the latest entry in the series. You can watch the video in its entirety below.

This is only an introduction to the main piece of Episode Ardyn DLC, which Square Enix also announced is scheduled for release on March 26 for PS4 and PC. In that, you’ll be able to play as Ardyn 35 years before the events of Final Fantasy 15, using his “villainous powers” to defeat enemies while meeting the younger versions of characters in the story.

The release of Episode Ardyn will mark the final piece of DLC to be made available for Final Fantasy 15. A great deal more had previously been announced by Square Enix, including further episodes focusing on Aranea, Luna and Noctis. However, these were all cancelled back in November alongside Hajime Tabata’s departure from the company.

It’s a sad and unceremonious ending for Final Fantasy 15, then, but it leaves behind a decent impression after all the efforts taken by Square Enix to improve and develop the game further following an underwhelming launch that was plagued with issues – especially in the final third of the game. While the additional work didn’t solve every problem, it did go some way to deliver the game they had intended it to be from day one.

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