Disney CEO confirms that Marvel will continue to make R-rated movies

Disney CEO confirms that Marvel will continue to make R-rated movies

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With Disney’s upcoming acquisition of Fox, some Marvel fans have fantasised the possibility of the X-Men and Avengers existing in the same cinematic universe. Some have also been wondering if this means a stop to R-rated films like Logan, or if future Deadpool instalments will have have the merc with a sewn mouth again. However, as reported by Variety, Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger reassures us that Disney will continue to make R-rated Marvel movies.

Fox’s R-rated comic book adaptations have been a huge success at the worldwide box office. Logan earned $619 million worldwide; Deadpool was even bigger taking $783 million worldwide, and its sequel Deadpool 2 took $785 million worldwide. “We will continue in that business,” said Iger, adding that “There’s certainly popularity” with R-rated comic book movies.

However, Iger suggested that such movies will will not be released under the traditional Marvel or Disney banner. Just in case a family is looking to watch a wholesome comic book movie without decapitations, Iger said that they will be carefully branded, “so we’re not in any way confusing the consumer.”

Fox did release a recut version of Deadpool 2 as the PG-13 Once Upon a Deadpool. While it was a limited release, it’s certainly possibly that Disney may opt to go down this avenue by having family friendly versions open alongside their more edgier comic book films.

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