Castles of Burgundy out on Android, iOS & Steam today

Castles of Burgundy out on Android, iOS & Steam today

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Today sees the digital release of classic board game Castles of Burgundy, giving fans of Stefan Feld’s highly-rated 2011 eurogame the chance to realise their mediaeval building ambitions on Android, iOS and Steam.

Made by Digidiced, a Berlin-based studio that specialises in developing digital versions of well-known board games such as Terra Mystica and Agricola, Castles of Burgundy’s new adaptation offers local and online multiplayer, as well as single player against three different AI opponents. There’s also a tutorial to introduce newcomers to the game’s core dice rolling, tile placement and set collection mechanisms.

Set in mediaeval France on the brink of the Renaissance, Castles of Burgundy sees 1- 4 players take on the role of princes working to enrich their estates – building castles and settlements, exploiting silver mines and pastures, and trading along the Loire River. Each turn players roll two dice, using the resulting numbers to gain tiles from a central board, place tiles on their own board to earn points and special abilities, recruit workers and deliver goods for cash.

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