You’ll only have one shot at the upcoming Resident Evil 2 demo

You’ll only have one shot at the upcoming Resident Evil 2 demo

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Capcom has announced a demo of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, but be warned, the catch is that you can only play it once and then you’ll be locked out forever.

From January 11-31, the Resident Evil 2 “1-Shot Demo” will be available to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC, putting you back in the zombie-stomping boots of Leon S. Kennedy as he ventures into the Raccoon City Police Department once again.

However, you’ll only have thirty minutes to get as far as you can in the demo. Once the time is up you’re done, finito, finished, outta there, dead – we could go on but you get the idea. Deaths are fine as you’ll just continue from a checkpoint but that time limit will always be lingering to push you to finish the demo’s objective.

The good news is that whether you finish the demo or not you’ll get access to a brand new trailer for the game.

As for the full game, the remake of Resident Evil 2 is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 25.

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