UK Anime Round-Up 21-27 January: Vampire Princess Miyu

UK Anime Round-Up 21-27 January: Vampire Princess Miyu

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MVM Entertainment gives us something to sink our teeth into this week, re-releasing its collected edition of horror anime Vampire Princess Miyu. Last published by MVM back in 2013, the six-DVD Vampire Princess Miyu Collection features all 26 episodes of the blood-sucking, demon-hunting 1997 TV anime.

Vampire Princess Miyu tells the story of Miyu, a day-walking vampire charged with ridding the world of Shinma – shape-shifting eldritch abominations who have escaped from their own dark dimension to prey upon humans. Doomed to remain trapped in the body of a teenager forever, the kimono-clad Miyu is accompanied on her eternal hunt by former foe Larva, a powerful Shinma whom Miyu defeated after he attempted to kill her.

Made by AIC, the studio behind series such as Heaven’s Lost Property, Amagami SS and Strike Witches Season 2, Vampire Princess Miyu is directed by Toshiki Hirano, co-creator with his wife Narumi Kakinouchi of the original manga. Narumi Kakinouchi herself handled character design for the series, while the bulk of the series is written by Yuji Hayami.

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