Skins’ April Pearson calls out Toby Osmond over “black gunk”

Skins’ April Pearson calls out Toby Osmond over “black gunk”

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Are we about to kick off our first ever celebrity spat!? We know these two actors are good friends so it’s doubtful but we can’t help be a bit mischievous and throw some shade. Having spoken to Game of Thrones fantasy drama actor Toby Osmond about his role in Jersey-based horror Dark Beacon, we were intrigued to hear he’d suffered for his art thanks to some disgusting “black gunk” that had to slop out of his mouth.

“There’s something we called ‘bin juice’,” he told MyM magazine. “Just imagine, you’re emptying out your bin and there’s a bit of juice at the bottom. We had this black gunk, which comes out of this character’s mouth and it literally had that smell and taste – delicious! And we did take after take after take. Sacrificing himself for art, whoever that hero was.”

So we couldn’t help but ask his co-star, Skins and Tank 432 actress April Pearson, if it really was that bad…

“Toby needs to shut up about the black gunk!” she told MyM Buzz. “He had it in his mouth one or two times. I shot a film maybe three months before where I had the same gunk in my mouth for probably the entire shoot. I would say 12 hours a day for at least three weeks.”

“We all had to have it! There’s a section where LA [Lynne Anne Rodgers] kisses me and she imparts her black gunk into my mouth and I spit it out. So actually it wasn’t just him we were all in the same boat.”

Over to you Mr Osmond…

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