Open-world Star Wars game cancelled at EA

Open-world Star Wars game cancelled at EA

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EA has cancelled its massive open-world Star Wars game at EA Vancouver and will instead focus on a smaller project that can be released sooner.

The report comes via Kotaku, who has heard from a number of sources familiar with the project about EA’s cancellation plans. Those and other sources revealed to the publication that the game was in development under the codename Orca. In it, you would play as either a scoundrel or bounty hunter who can venture to various planets and interact with a number of Star Wars factions.

However, the scale of the project was apparently too large for EA and wouldn’t fit into their current release schedule plans. Instead, the game has been cancelled so that a smaller-scale Star Wars title can be released in 2020.

The news marks a disappointing finale for the project, which has already gone through a number of changes throughout development. The studio, EA Vancouver, had been offering support on another previously-cancelled Star Wars project at Visceral Games – a linear action-adventure game that was to be directed by Amy Hennig of Uncharted fame. Since that was binned, EA Vancouver had been using some of that game’s assets for Orca to create an open-world game instead.

This cancellation marks another road bump in the journey of the Star Wars licence at EA. After the huge backlash against micro-transactions and design decisions in Star Wars Battlefront 2, the publisher will be looking for a win with a future Star Wars game.

We’ll have to wait and see what this smaller project may be, but we do also have Jedi: Fallen Order to look forward to from Titalfall developers Respawn Entertainment, which is due for release later this year. That said, we’ve seen nothing substantial from the project so far.

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