Lego unveils new sets for 20th anniversary of Star Wars line

Lego unveils new sets for 20th anniversary of Star Wars line

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To celebrate 20 years of Lego’s association with the Star Wars franchise, the toy manufacturer has released five new special-edition sets showcasing different ships from across the eight movies.

Lego promises the sets will be ready later this year, but you can get a glimpse of what’s on offer below. Each set includes a 20th anniversary minifigure of a character from the original movie trilogy on their own little stand together with other minifigures that are appropriate to each particular set. Prices will vary by country.

It appears that the 20th anniversary minifigures are meant to be connected together, to form their own standalone piece. Each one with the exception of Han Solo has a connecter brick sticking out on the right hand side.

The first Star Wars Lego sets were produced to celebrate the prequels and fans of those (are there any?) can buy Anakin’s Podracer for $29.99. It’s a 279-piece set that recreates racing through the canyons of Mos Espa. This ship’s minifigures are young Anakin and Padmé and the original trilogy minifigure is Luke Skywalker.

Memories of the Clone Wars will come flooding back with the Clone Scout Walker ($29.99), which is made up of 250 pieces. This set comes with an AT-RT walker, a Kashyyyk trooper and a dwarf spider droid and Darth Vader as the 20th anniversary minifigure.

Next up is a 309-piece Snowspeeder ($39.99), ready to defend Echo Base from an attack. You can imagine yourself at the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, including action from Luke Skywalker and Dak Ralter. The minifigures for this set include the 20th anniversary Lando Calrissian.

The unmistakeable Slave 1, Boba Fett’s infamous ship ($119.99)is made up of 1,007 pieces, including Fett and two other bounty hunters – we’re not quite sure who they are though. The set comes with Han Solo trapped in carbonite and minifigures of Han Solo and 20th anniversary Princess Leia.

Finally, the 125-piece Imperial Dropship is available for $19.99 and comes with Han Solo as the 20th anniversary minifigure.

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