HIDIVE streaming English-dubbed Land of the Lustrous from today

HIDIVE streaming English-dubbed Land of the Lustrous from today

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Streaming service HIDIVE is to begin showing English-dubbed episodes of acclaimed fantasy anime Land of the Lustrous from 17:00 GMT today. Available in the UK and Ireland, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Sentai Filmworks’ dub stars Sarah Wiedenheft as Phosphophyllite, Avery Smithhart as Cinnabar, Savanna Menzel as Diamond and Genevieve Simmons as Bort.

Made by studio Orange, the 2017 CG-animated show centres on immortal crystalline lifeforms known as Lustrous. The 28 personifications of gemstones are under constant attack from the Lunarians, who seek to harvest their bodies for jewellery. Considered too weak and brittle to fight, protagonist Phosphophyllite is instead tasked with writing an encyclopaedia of natural history. While researching the work, Phos meets the Lustrous’ night watch, Cinnabar – a poison-producing gem forced to live apart from their fellows.

Distributed in the States by Sentai Filmworks, Land of the Lustrous is due to get a Blu-ray release in the UK from MVM Entertainment on 29 April 2019.

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