Groundbreaking deck builder Mystic Vale gets Steam release next week

Groundbreaking deck builder Mystic Vale gets Steam release next week

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Innovative digital deck builder Mystic Vale is set to release on Steam next week, leaving Early Access on Thursday 31 January, Nomad Games has announced. The UK indie dev says that the title is a faithful recreation of Alderac Entertainment Group’s druid-themed card game, whose main draw is designer John D. Clair’s unique card-crafting system that sees players construct the individual cards in their decks during the course of the game.

Released as a tabletop title by AEG in 2016, Mystic Vale puts players in the role of druidic clans attempting to cleanse a curse on the Valley of Life, with the glory of restoring Gaia going to whichever druid garners the most victory points by the end of the game. A deck builder with a difference, Mystic Vale doesn’t see players buy extra cards for their decks in the usual manner; instead they customise the abilities of their 20 starting cards by adding different ‘advancements’ to the top, middle and bottom portions of each card.

Nomad Games, which is also currently working on digital adaptations of AEG’s Space Base and Griggling Games’ Quartermaster General, has teased the release of future expansions for Mystic Vale. At present, the physical game has accumulated five expansions, with sixth add-on Mystic Vale: Harmony set to hit shelves later this year.

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