Fantasy board game Vindication returns to Kickstarter along with new expansion

Fantasy board game Vindication returns to Kickstarter along with new expansion

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After successfully funding back in 2017, acclaimed fantasy board game Vindication has returned to Kickstarter with a second printing and a new expansion. Published by Orange Nebula, the game combines euro style gameplay with a rich fantasy theme as 2-5 players take on the roles of wretched ne’er-do-wells washed up on the shores of a mysterious island. Filled with a new sense of purpose, each adventurer must ‘vindicate’ themselves by unlocking their hidden heroic potential before the end of the game is triggered.A sandbox-style adventure game that focuses on resource management and area control, Vindication challenges players to earn redemption for their past sins by battling monsters, completing secret quests, gathering companions, seeking out magical relics and acquiring new traits. As they explore the island, players randomly draw hexagonal map tiles representing places of interest, from ancient tombs and ruined temples to arcane towers and wayside inns – which means that the board will have a different layout every time you play.

Available separately or with the base game, the new Leaders & Alliances expansion gives players the option of gaining rapport with the leaders of the island’s six secretive guilds, which they can trade in for powerful new actions and hefty honour bonuses. With two weeks to go, Vindication’s latest crowdfunding venture has already surpassed its previous Kickstarter campaign, raising almost £235,000 at the time of writing.

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