Crunchyroll & Funimation to stream Rinshi!! Ekoda Chan & My Roommate is a Cat

Crunchyroll & Funimation to stream Rinshi!! Ekoda Chan & My Roommate is a Cat

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New comedy anime Rinshi!! Ekoda Chan and feline-focused drama My Roommate is a Cat will both be simulcast subbed on Crunchyroll and streamed dubbed on FunimationNow. Meanwhile, Crunchyroll has also added café-themed series Rainy Cocoa SideG to its winter season schedule.

Debuting later today on Crunchyroll, Rinshi!! Ekoda Chan adapts Yukari Takinami’s 4-koma manga about a high-spirited country girl who lives in an apartment near Tokyo’s Ekoda Station, working temp jobs at an insurance agency and as a nude model. Unusually, each of the show’s dozen episodes is made by a different studio and features different voice actors, character designers and directors – helmers on board the project include Night on the Galactic Railroad‘s Gisaburō Sugii, Fruits Basket‘s Akitaro Daichi, Made in Abyss‘ Masayuki Kojima and Spice and Wolf‘s Takeo Takahashi.

Starting on Wednesday 9 January on Crunchyroll, slice-of-life drama My Roommate is a Cat tells the heart-warming tale of shy mystery novelist Subaru Mikazuki, who struggles with relationships but begins to open up when he takes in a stray cat whom he names ‘Haru’. Based on a manga series by Minatsuki, My Roommate is a Cat is produced by animation studio Zero-G, which also made last year’s The Idolmaster SideM spin-off Wake Atte Mini!.

Crunchyroll also plays host to the fifth season of café-themed anime Rainy Cocoa, which begins steaming later today. Made by EMT Squared – the animation studio behind 2018’s The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of EinherjarRainy Cocoa SideG changes up the franchise’s formula by sporting an all-female main cast. The new series follows Yoko Amami, daughter of the Rainy Color café’s owner Koji Amami, who is forced to stand in as café manager over the summer hols as punishment for breaking a valuable vase.

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