Catherine Classic teased on Bayonetta Steam page

Catherine Classic teased on Bayonetta Steam page

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SEGA has updated the Steam Store page for Bayonetta with the image of a sheep and the title “Baa” leading many to think that it is teasing a forthcoming PC release for dreamy life-sim and puzzle game, Catherine.

What the hell does a sheep have to do with Catherine, you ask? Well, in the game, the main character of Vincent is haunted by strange sheep creatures while he sleeps. A large part of the game takes place in these nightmarish asides where he must ascend towers of blocks while fleeing from the sheep-things and an assortment of other knife-wielding monstrosities that are out to kill him.

If you’re confused, it’s all something to do with how he processes his relationship with his girlfriend, Katherine, and his attraction to another new Catherine – with a ‘C’. Yeah, it’s all totally bonkers.

Nevertheless, it seems a fitting tease for the game, which originally came out in 2011. We also have the Australian rating for Catherine Classic, which was picked up by Gematsu back in December, suggesting a re-release of the original game could be coming very soon.

Outside of that, Catherine: Full Body is scheduled for release in 2019. This is a full remaster of the game for PS4 and PS Vita that adds a whole host of new content including an entirely new love interest for Vincent named Rin.

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